Well Dakota and I have been married almost four months! It seems like it has been much longer than that though. We have been enjoying the best of married life! Recently, Dakota and I both got a second job so that means between that two of us we have four jobs! What are we thinking…it’s okay though, we still get to see each other and spend time together. To make this easier on me, I am just going to bullet point all of the major stuff that has happened in our lives 🙂

1. We went to Vegas and Disneyland on our honeymoon and had a great time! We even got to go to an LA Dodgers game 🙂 Highlight of the trip was almost getting boo-ed out of Dodger stadium for hitting a beach ball the wrong way haha

2. We moved out of our tiny yellow apartment into a very nice and spacious basement

3. I got my name changed on everything!!! It’s a lot of work…

4. Dakota got a job at Diamond Ranch Academy – which is an intense boarding school

5. I got a job at Old Navy, Yay discounts!

6. We bought a blu-ray player only to discover that the TV we own is too old and our blu-ray can’t adapt to it…

7. Both of us spent Thanksgiving at work. I had an amazing feast and he had hot dogs with coleslaw!

8. Put up most of our Christmas decorations!

9. Went on lots of fun dates (too many to post them all on here haha)

10. Basically all of our friends are either coming home from missions, going on missions, or getting married! Which is great because we love the gospel AND weddings 🙂

That is pretty much it haha. It seems really lame and boring, but I can’t think of anything else at the moment. Well that’s us in a nut shell. Feel free to check out the rest of our blog to learn more about us and our big events in our lives.

-Dakota and Chandler Larsen