Last night we celebrated our one year being together by going on a date! Dakota told me that he had everything all planned so I didn’t have to do anything! The whole night was a surprise which was great because Dakota can never pull off anything. We started off the night by going to Olive Garden which was not where we had our first dinner date but Dakota thought Olive Garden was better than Applebee’s haha. After Olive Garden we went to Laser Mania where we played mini-golf which was one of our very first dates and photos. We tried to retake the same photo we had taken a year ago but it didn’t work out very well.

After mini golf, he took me to Menchie’s where we always go to get ice cream. The next stop was the temple where we used to walk around and talk and watch the nativity scene. It was really cute 🙂 After the temple, we went back to our house where we watched Easy A. This movie was the movie we watched our very first night hanging out together. While watching Easy A, Dakota got our some sparkling cider (which I was not expecting) and we watched our movie. The first night we were watching Easy A, my roommates and I had leftover cider from our Thanksgiving dinner so I poured some into plastic margarita glasses so that is what the cider was from.

It was a really fun night filled with a lot of fun memories. Looking back at our past year has been so great and I can’t wait till we have been married for one year!