Recently, Dakota and I both got a second job. Why? Well I got a second job because every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I am bored out of my mind! Dakota got one because he doesn’t like his current job haha.

I currently work for Sunrise RTC which is the greatest job in the world! I am a youth mentor for girls ages 12-18 and I help them with relationships and coping skills. This is the job I will probably never leave – unless I have to. My other job is at Old Navy. This job is also fun because my management and co-workers are great! However, the job itself is the most boring mundane job in the world. All I do is fold clothes over and over again or help customers at the register. The register can actually be fun and so can the dressing room, but only sometimes. On top of that, my feet always kill! Christmas list item #1 a nice foot massage or comfy insoles for my shoes.

Dakota works at Heritage Home & Garden as an installer/deliverer/handyman/slave. He seriously does just about everything there including washing his bosses car. I know, it’s a joke. He seems to enjoy the job itself just not the people haha. So he started looking for another job and got hired at Diamond Ranch Academy (DRA) which is a boarding school for youth as well. He only works at DRA on Saturdays and Sundays though so he still keeps his job at Heritage just with different hours. He seems to really enjoy working at DRA though! He always comes home with the funniest stories about what the boys had done that day. He also gets to work with one of his best friends Dan Garcia – so that’s nice!

The downside with both of us working so much is that we don’t get to see each other as much as we used to. But the plus side is that when we do see each other we always make the best of it and have a lot of fun! So in a weird way working a lot is strengthening our relationship! And we are getting more money 🙂 Double plus! Dakota also was contacted by this life insurance company about working for them which seemed to interest Dakota as well. He had a meeting with the guy and it seems very promising so we will see if that goes anywhere. The nice thing about the life insurance place is that it could turn into a nice career for Dakota 🙂