Yesterday was Dakota’s 23rd birthday! Dakota still had to go to work but that was good news for me because I still needed to get one more gift, wrap them all, and get everything together before he came home. For his birthday, Dakota got to sleep in until noon! Haha he didn’t have to go into work until 1 so I let him sleep in (which was good because I got to sleep in too!) When he got home from work he got ready and we left for Las Vegas! I wanted to take him to the Cheesecake Factory because that is one of our favorite places to eat and he really loves cheesecake, so why not celebrate in Vegas?

We had a fun time in the car jammin’ out to music and telling stories. Dakota’s favorite story to tell when we go down to Vegas is: “Hey! Did you know that my dad worked on the fountains at the Bellagio?!” And that’s all he says haha. It gets really annoying after he says it a million times randomly throughout our evening. We didn’t get there until pretty late due to traffic and we were both starving so I could have planned that better but oh well! That’s what memories are for. We had a great time at the Cheesecake Factory and had a fun drive back home as well.

For his birthday Dakota got: a pie and a box of shotgun shells from his parents, binoculars and a Sportsman’s Warehouse gift card from his dad, a gun case from me as well as some new shirts and a baseball bat covered with reasons why I love him 🙂

Overall, I think it was a pretty fun and successful birthday. Happy Birthday babe! I love you 🙂