Yesterday Dakota told me that we were having a date that night and that I would be in charge of planning. At first, I was not very excited because I hate planning but he was working late and he planned the last date so I took the challenge. As Dakota was at work, I kept trying to come up with things that we could do that would cost close to nothing. Naturally, I went on Pinterest and found some great ideas! I decided to do something simple and make a fort in our living room. But before that, I had to go to walmart.

At walmart, I got a bunch of tea light candles and some sweet glasses to go with our sparkling cider. Then I came home and start building the fort. It was a good thing Dakota was working late because it took me FOREVER to build the fort by myself and in the end it still wasn’t perfect haha. But oh well! After I set up the fort, I started making dinner and setting up all of the candles. In the end I set up about 120 candles in our living room and kitchen. It looked sweet! When Dakota got home he was really surprised 🙂 He was thinking that we were going to go out and do something but not this time!

As we ate some delicious chicken and rice by candle light, we watched Anger Management and drank sparkling cider. It was one of the simplest dates we have ever done but it was so much fun and romantic. While watching the movie, we started talking and decided to go on a spontaneous road trip! Dakota drove us to Dairy Queen where we eat chose a delicious treat to eat on the road. We ended up driving to the new airport to watch the planes come and go (which ended up being a bust). The new airport is one our favorite spots to go and talk. It was a really fun, simple, and memorable night 🙂