That’s right! Our 100 year old community college is officially a university! This morning the board of trustees unanimously decided on the name of “Dixie State University”. There was a lot of debate on the name especially if “Dixie” should be kept in it. After a lot of debates the board decided that the Dixie spirit should never be forgotten and kept it in the name.

I have always had a lot of school pride so when I went to college it wasn’t any different. Last year I was the executive administrative assistant to the student body president Mike Sheffield. In that short time on student government I made so many memories as well as learned a lot about how the other side of college works. I gained a lot of respected and even more love for this school and I am really excited for it’s new university status 🙂 In the fight song there is a line that says “whenever we’re put to the test, we’ll remember our spirits grand” this line says a lot about the past few years at Dixie. First, the mascot change and then the debate for our new name. It brought a lot of negativity but also so much excitement. This particular line to me shows how much Dixie spirit resides in the school. No matter what happens over the years, everyone will still have that same Dixie spirit that brings people together and makes this campus what it is today.

It’s so great to see the many changes that have been happening over the last few years and I can’t wait to see what more there is to come.

We love you dear Dixie school
With your colors so bright and true
For you ever stand for our right
As we cheer for the red, white, and blue

Whenever we’re put to the test
We’ll remember our spirits grand!
Instructing, persuading, and guiding
throughout our Dixie land!

Hail, all hail to thee
Oh Dixie college dear old school
We know your worth
The best on Earth!
We cheer for you and stand by every rule

Oh may we never do
Aught that would bring dishonor to thy name
And may we be e’er true to thee
Adding honor and glory to thy fame!