Lately our lives have been really great just hectic! Dakota’s truck recently has been having troubles starting and since it is a very old truck (it has like 213,000 miles!) I suggested we get him a new one. Dakota is super attached to his truck so convincing him to sell his truck and get a new one was pretty difficult. In his dream world, he would just park his truck somewhere so he could fix it up one day and get a full size truck. Yeah…that will probably never happen. So we went around and found some nice used trucks that he liked but haven’t committed to anything yet. We would like to sell his truck first so we can have a larger down payment. Since we decided to sell his truck we have been fixing all of the cosmetic stuff on it. For example, the passenger side view mirror has been non-existent for a few years now so we got him a mirror. We also fixed a cable so that there are now no more issues with the starter and soon we will be getting new rims and possibly a paint job. I’m slowly staring to realize that fixing up his truck isn’t because it will increase the sell value – it’s so Dakota won’t want to sell it. Boys.

In other news! Dakota is now working full time at Diamond Ranch Academy which means more money, benefits, overtime, and never seeing each other. He works M-F 3pm to 11pm and I work Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday 3pm to 11pm. So basically for six days out of the week we won’t see each other pretty much at all. Since i’m also in school in the mornings we basically only have Sundays with each other. So we have been making the best of it! You know how people say that the first year of marriage is always the hardest? Well if this is as bad as it is, we will forever have the greatest happiness!