Yesterday was the 47 super bowl! Super bowl Sunday is always a great day filled with lots of fun, food, and friends. The only downfall is that this year it fell on a fast Sunday and the game didn’t start until 4:30! I thought I was going to die of starvation but thankfully I didn’t. I had a great day a church too! Dakota actually got to come to church with me for the first time in four months and the lesson in relief society was on prayer and it was a wonderful lesson 🙂

This year, Dakota and I went up to Cedar City to our friends (Lindsey and Justin) home to watch the game. We always love going for drives so we didn’t mind taking a quick 45 minute drive up to Cedar. When we got there, I put some mini tacos in the oven and Justin made some yummy wings! We also had some cowboy caviar, chips, and of course some dr. pepper and mountain dew. This year the team were Baltimore Ravens and the San Francisco 49ers. The first half was pretty much a huge blow out which didn’t make much of an exciting game. After a half time performance by Beyonce/Destiny’s Child, half of the stadiums power went out for over half an hour! Naturally there have been some interesting conspiracy theories as to why the power went out but all that matters is it gave the 49ers a chance to re cooperate and get back into the game! Half time was a much more interesting game to watch and the end result was Baltimore Ravens winning by 3 points.

It was a crazy game with a lot of yelling, high fives, and friendly bashing on each other. I had a great time meeting new people and being able to just relax, talk, and eat delicious food! Thanks to Lindsey and Justin for letting us use their house and for the invite in general. Hope you feel better soon Lindsey! {She was feeling dizzy and sick all day 🙁 }