The other day I found out that I was chosen to go on the outing for work early Saturday morning. At first I was not excited. 1. Because I had to be at work by 7am to wake up the girls and get them ready etc. and 2. because we were going to an animal shelter. Now I know that makes me sound heartless because I didn’t want to volunteer with some puppies but I really did not want to clean up poop and hair all day.

We took the long drive out to Fredonia to visit the 37,000 acre animal sanctuary. This was not your average animal shelter. The Best Friends sanctuary can up to 1700 animals at any given time. The animals range from dogs, cats, pot belly pigs, horses, birds, guinea pigs, bunnies, and even some wild life. Each animal has it’s own area. For example there is dog town and cat world. In each area there is a special needs section where animals with special needs get special attention according to their needs. We got to volunteer in cat world where we cleaned some of the rooms and then we got to play with them! We pet them and played with them and fell in love with them. Most of the cats were very friendly and cuddly which was neat because most of the cats have been through some sort of traumatic experience.
It was a long day but very fulfilling and beneficial. I was really thankful for the experience and I would strongly encourage everyone to go out just to take a tour or even volunteer. You can volunteer at any of the areas and help is always greatly appreciated.