Valentines day was so great 🙂 I came home from school and Dakota had cleaned the house! I love it when he does that!! Then I went into our room and he had a trail of rose petals leading to a bouquet of flowers. It was really cute and he has never done anything like that so it was a big deal. Later he made me dinner and took me out for ice cream. When we got back after ice cream we watched the Office and drank soda in chilled glasses. It was a really fun night and it was nice to actually have some time together for once! I got him a rubics cube and wrote a love letter on it and then jumbled it up so that he had to solve it in order to read it.

He really liked it and has always wanted a rubics cube so it turned out great! He stayed up way late trying to solve it (and eventually just took it apart) so i’d say it was a hit! Our friend Stephanie got engaged to Adam which was exciting! We also found a house to move into out in Hurricane. It is a little house on a farm that has a very unique layout. There is a lot of space in each room but the bathroom was added on so it’s kind of small and interesting. It will be a neat adventure though! The rent will only be 350 a month so we will be saving a lot more money not only on rent but also on gas. It will only be temporary until we find something a little nicer but it will be perfect for the time being!