This past week has been crazy busy! It was spring break at Dixie so I had the whole week off of school! Instead of partying, traveling, or enjoying the perfect weather, Dakota and I painted our new house. And when I say we painted, I mean every single room except for the bathrooms. Thanks to Dakota and my sisters, it only took us two and a half days! The paint was nice and dry by the time we moved in Saturday morning. My mom and sisters were a big help during this move. They helped me paint and came over to help me pack everything up. My family is pretty great 🙂

Saturday was a long day! We woke up early to have breakfast with Dakota dad and his wife as they were driving through Saint George to go to Montana. Then we went over to Dakota’s moms to say hi to his family and it was his dad’s birthday. We were there for a while because we were waiting to get our hands on a trailer. When we finally got the trailer, we went and loaded everything up and drove out to Hurricane! Our cute house is on an acre lot farm. There is the main house that lives right up on the road and then our house in behind it closer to the horse barn. It is very old and slightly ghetto but we love our humble home! The nice thing about this new house is it is bigger and we are paying a lot less for it! We are trading chores around the farm (mowing lawns, weeding, taking care of chickens, etc.) for money off of our rent. So we are paying 300.00 a month and then utilities. Not to shabby if you ask me!

The weekend has been filled with learning patience and staying on task. We have almost everything unpacked and we should be getting our new couch and bed frame soon! Then we can decorate everything 🙂 YAY! My favorite part! 🙂


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