This past Sunday Dakota and I went to our new ward. A lady gave a talk on tithing and I’m not going to lie there really wasn’t much she said that I hadn’t heard already. However she did say one thing that got stuck in my head. She said, “You can’t afford to not pay your tithing.” It was so simple but true all at the same time. Dakota and I always pay our tithing but sometimes we don’t pay our tithing until we pay every other bill first just to make sure we can actually get by. But yesterday I heard that and I thought to myself, ” that is so true!” So I got out my checkbook and paid our tithing. Of course I went home later to check and see how much money we would have left in our account after all our bills and everything and sadly it looked like we would have barely enough for someone to fill up their gas tank (which I was grateful just for that!). Then today, I got online to check to see if one of my bills went through and magically all of our bills went through and we still had a lot of money left in our account. I didn’t believe it at first and thought I had missed something so I went through my account and double checked to make sure I had done my math right. I did and I’m still wondering how we have so much money still in our account. All that matters though is that we paid our tithing and are reaping the blessings that come with it.

The first couple months of moving our the hardest. You have to pay rent, security deposits for rent and utilities, and you have to buy all this random stuff for the new place. It just gets pricey. I’m grateful I have lived on my own long enough to understand how much it can be to move and what to plan for. I’m even more grateful for the power of tithing and how it blesses Dakota and I. I could have easily not paid this months tithing out of fear of not being able to afford everything but I’m very thankful I did and that I learned (once again) that blessings do come when you follow the council that has been given to me. I have learned that we really can’t afford to not pay our tithing.