I recently found out that the company I work for will be expanding! Due to the expansion a lot of new positions opened up and I was lucky to become the on call supervisor! I’m super excited about it 🙂 However, ever since I found out my mind is always racing thinking of things to do or change. Being a supervisor is a lot of work! And I haven’t even officially started yet…challenge accepted.

Dakota and I also got to spend an entire day together on Thursday! That never happens anymore!!! We got to sleep in and then we went and did a hike at Zion. The weather was so perfect 🙂 Then we went to dinner and saw the new GI Joe movie (which is pretty great). Afterwards we went to the always delicious Dairy Queen 🙂 It was a fun day and it was nice to spend more than a few minutes together. It was especially nice because he almost died the other day at work! He pissed off a student at his work so bad that the kid went a got a baseball bat and was coming towards Dakota. Luckily another student saw what was happening and stopped him. Crazy right! I could be a widow right now!! But i’m not 🙂

We also got the rest of our furniture finally! Our house isn’t quite a home yet but it will be soon. At least we have a couch now haha. I need to buy some area rugs because the entire house is freezing due to the wood flooring. At least I know summer will be cooler. Our new cat Patricia seems to be more comfortable around us now. She is really needy sometimes though! Especially in the morning when she wants food. I love her 🙂