Dakota and I finally had a day off together!!! It was soooo great to finally have a Saturday day off and get to spend more than a couple hours together. So for starters I got to sleep in (which was fantastic!) then we went fishing with our good friends Dan and Shay Garcia 🙂 Sadly we did not catch anything but we still had fun and made the best of it. It was nice to be able to spend time with each other and some good friends. After fishing we all went to eat at Applebees and then we went to a play that the boys at Dakota’s work put on. Not going to lie the acting was not very good but they were a bunch of kids so it was still fun. It was hilarious though! There was one joke that I seriously could not stop laughing – and the joke wasn’t even that funny. It went like this:

Guy: How did you get off the island?
Pirate: Well I met this girl and she took me home to her native land.
Guy: Jamaica?
Pirate: No she volunteered.

I seriously thought it was so clever haha. I’m even laughing now! After the play we went to get some ice cream and then went our separate ways. The next day we got to hang out again too! We cleaned the house, went grocery shopping, and even bought me my own fishing pole! I am super excited to have my own fishing pole. Naturally we went fishing again too 🙂 It was a really fun weekend and look forward to the next time we get to spend all day together 🙂