Our lives have been to busy lately! But it has been a good thing as well 🙂 I recently went through some hard times when I was asked if I would switch to a morning shift at work. It was a really hard choice for us and I cried a whole lot! The idea of change is always exciting but when it comes down to actually making a change fear takes over. It was sad to think that I wouldn’t be working with the same people who I had worked with for so long and grew deep friendships as well as my relationships with the girls wouldn’t be the same. I was so focused on the temporary changes rather than the long term changes. Once I shifted my mind a little the decision to switch became a little clearer. It was hard choice because I felt that no matter what decision I made I would have been happy. Dakota and I won’t see each other as much anymore but I think it will strengthen us a little bit and teach us to cherish those times we do have together. I haven’t officially switched over yet but I am ready when I am needed!

My Mary Kay business has been going well! I have held some fun parties and even got a new team member! Her name is Kathleen and I am so excited for her to join and make some serious life changes – she will do great. I am slowly becoming more and more confident in my knowledge of the business and products as well as standing in front of people and teaching them! I always thought I was confident but there is always room to grow and progress.
Dakota and I have been creative in our time spent together. We have been going for drink runs and having movie marathons! I have also learned that if I start cleaning he will willingly help 🙂 We always seem to make the best of our circumstances and time together. Even if it is staying up late talking about our days it is still meaningful and rewarding. I am so grateful to marry someone who understands the importance of family, love, and patience.
We also recently became primary teachers to the three year old’s! That’s right, the kids who just “graduated” from nursery. Our first week was very interesting haha. We have two kids (Titan and Kate) who are very reverent, quiet, and love to learn! But we also have a couple who really struggle with the transition and the unfamiliar faces and sometimes their moms hang out with us in class 🙂 But we don’t really mind. It’s kind of awkward to have a child crying in your class and you don’t have any relationship with you and won’t let you comfort them. Along with that it really sucks if you don’t know who their parents are to go get them…but we are learning! Then there is Beckham who is really reverent and quiet but can be super loud and crazy! He is mostly shy but Dakota has a way of getting him to participate. Our last week went really well! We taught the kids about being grateful for their eyes. The lesson consisted of coloring things that they see (they mostly drew dinosaurs and Kate drew a butterfly). It was really cute to seem them so excited to color! We also sang Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes and played a fun game. I had the kids close their eyes and them drew something on the board (the first thing was a tree). I then asked the kids to tell me what they saw. Once they confidently answered we would repeat the process and they would tell me what I added to the scene. It was really fun and I am not going to lie, I was kind of impressed and my creativity and spontaneity! I learn every week teaching them and I am very grateful for our calling even though I was hesitant at first.
Teaching the Sunbeams has been really rewarding in a few different ways. It teaches us a lot of patience but also gives us an opportunity to see life in that sweet naive way that children have. It has also been a blessing to look at the little things in life such as my eyes and ears. I love seeing the kids go from being shy and intimidated to so warm and loving with us. It blows my mind that they can be so trusting of us to sit on our laps and want to tell us everything! I recently began reading “Visions Of Glory” by John Pontuis and it has also been giving me some great insight and want to read and learn more about our church. If anyone has even an ounce of spare time (I know I don’t!) read it. Even if you don’t believe everything said, there is real doctrine and a great perspective on things.