I officially got my wisdom teeth out on Thursday. Getting them out has been quite the ordeal. I was originally going to get them taken out by Simply Wisdom Teeth but ended up going to Oral and Facial Surgical Institute. Let’s just say that Simply Wisdom neglected to answer their phone four days in a row and never called me back after leaving multiple (and some strongly worded) voice mails. Ironically after I called the other place and scheduled my appointment Simply Wisdom finally called me back. I may or may not have given them a piece of my mind and told them that their customer service wasn’t good enough to keep me as a customer…I bet they never neglect anyone ever again! The only thing we were worried about was that the other place was going to cost us much more than Simply Wisdom would. In the end we only ended up paying $270!! I know right! Pretty impressive 🙂 It was a blessing in disguise for sure. The surgery went really well and thankfully I didn’t even get silly or loopy! According to Dakota, the car ride home consisted of me petting my tongue and poking my eye asking what it was and if I would ever feel it again haha! I don’t remember anything other than poking my eye and thinking that it was weird that my eye was numb.

I also have been really stressed lately which has been making me emotional. I have been working a lot of hours in between helping my families business, my job, being a supervisor, and doing Mary Kay. On top of that doing simple things like cleaning the house and making time for Dakota. This past weekend was a really rough couple of days at work and it had really got to me. The following Monday I was helping Rett out with some work and I had to go to the storage unit to grab some signs. I couldn’t get the storage unit to unlock for quite some time and I broke down and started crying in front of our storage unit! Thankfully no one was around to see me crying my eyes out. I was able to get the unit open and did feel better after getting all my stress out! Some times I just miss being bored and having a lot of down time…Dakota and I went on a cute little date that night 🙂 It was really simple but very fun and meaningful. We just got in our car and drove around Hurricane. We used to go on random drives all the time when we were dating and just talk so it was nice to do something like that again 🙂

The last couple of days since I got my wisdom teeth out have been sooo boring! I have done nothing but watch almost every movie we own and each nothing but jello, mashed potatoes, and ramen. Thankfully Dakota was able to get Thursday off and spend the day with me and Erin spent most of Friday with me so I did have some company 🙂 Oh and I always have my trusty cat Patricia! But today I have been all alone but at least I am able to catch up on my blogging and other little things. Even with so many hard and stressful times, it is nice to know that Dakota still loves me and that we both try our best to make the most out of the little amount of time we have together. He really is the perfect husband and is so patient with me. I am more thankful for him every day.