Dakota and I got to go to Lake Powell over the weekend and it was not only well needed but it was amazing! We left Thursday night after I got off work at 11 and started our two hour drive to the lake. It was a long night but it was nice to have some time together. When we got to Dakota’s friend Kyles house boat we quietly set up some stuff and went to bed. We woke up early the next day and started our vacation! We swam, went out on the boat, ate food, and enjoyed the company of the Schoney family. Even though it was only a couple of days it was still fun and much needed. It was so great not having to go into work or worry about moving or anything. On the last day we took the boat out and sadly we beached the boat. Thankfully the sand was very soft so we were able to get the boat out but it did damage the boat repeller a bit. We are super grateful for the hospitality the Schoney family showed to us and let us crash their party.

Oh did I mention we were moving again?? Yeah I know we are crazy. And trust me I have heard from many different sources the line, “Didn’t you just move??” Yes we did haha. We have been living on a farm for four months now and it honestly sucks. There is a swamp cooler but it doesn’t really work so we had to move our mattress into that room just so that we could feel the cool air at night. Not only that but there are bugs everywhere (dead ones at least) but it has become far too common for me to come home and see at least three dead cockroaches and four spiders. I guess it could be a good thing in the future right? I am not really scared of bugs anymore haha. Also the flooring is all wood flooring and it is very windy and dusty on a farm so I sweep WAY too often! So we started looking at other options since we are only on a month to month contract and we ended up finding a really nice townhome. It is a three bedroom two bath home and I love it! I finally feel like I will be living in a house that is also a home with my cute hubby 🙂 The extra bedrooms are upstairs so for now they are just storage space. But eventually they will most likely become guest rooms and maybe (way way down the road) a nursery 🙂

With this new place we have more bills now so if anyone has any suggestions on how to save money please let me know!