That’s right! We are still married and just celebrated our 1st Anniversary 🙂 We are so cute! Unfortunately we didn’t really do anything haha. We are still poor newlyweds I guess and I was going on a week trip to Texas. Dakota did get me a very beautiful necklace though! I love it. I got him a sportsman’s warehouse gift card…Not very sentimental or anything but he was practically begging me for one so I knew he would like it 🙂
The Monday after our anniversary we went down to Vegas and spent some time with Dakota’s dad and stepmom. We just hung out and relaxed and went out to dinner so it was nice. The next morning we got up and Dakota took me to the airport so I could go to my Mary Kay Seminar in Dallas Texas!

I have only flown twice in my lifetime so I was a little nervous that I would get lost or do something stupid but thankfully Alyssa showed up and hung out with me as she waited for her flight. Once we both got to Texas we checked in to our hotel. It was really cute and had a very apartment like feel to it. It also had wallpaper with a crochet blanket on it…it was awesome! After we settled in and such we decided to go walk around downtown Dallas! We walked around and went to the JFK memorial sight as well as the place where he was shot which was really cool to see. There were a couple little shops and parks around that we stopped by as well. Then we went to dinner at an Italian place.

The next morning we went to a different hotel (The Adolphus) where we checked in and met the rest of our unit. From there we went to the Convention center where we got our registration packets and then went to the Mary Kay Manufacturing Plant! Every year during seminar all of the individual departments in the plant make a booth and everyone that visits gets to vote for there favorite booth. I was expecting a simple booth here and there but boy was I wrong! Right when you walk in there is gold streamers everywhere with music and lights going and then when you come through this door there were a bunch of men in pink bandanas and camo standing next to tanks! There was so much going on I loved it! My favorite booths were: Mary Kay-opoly where there was a life size monopoly board! And there was also a booth with a giant castle and a prince and some knights.

Then there was a old diner themed one that was awesome as well! We also got to see how they package and make things like lipstick and cologne! All in all the tour was amazing 🙂

After the tour we went back to our hotel room and got ready for our unit award night. It was fun because we got to wear pajamas and every one was rewarded AND my unit is just awesome!

The next day Alyssa and I woke up at the butt crack of dawn and were the first people at the conference center! No joke. We really wanted breakfast that bad haha. We were about 40 minutes early for the breakfast line, it was great! After breakfast we went to the opening ceremonies! During this they also recognized some people and gave a lot of recognition. Afterwards we had lunch and then went to get ready for our National Area Award Night. Not going to lie, it is really incredible to see what some of these ladies have accomplished but sitting there for four hours……it gets really boring. Especially if you aren’t getting awarded or recognized haha. But the food was pretty good especially the dessert! During the salad course of the meal, Alyssa and I accidently mistook coffee creamer for ranch and poured it all over our salads haha! Thankfully we were able to get new ones 🙂

The next day we had some amazing classes on confidence, our new Mary Kay @ Play line, our new Mary Kay Clear Proof line, as well as on legal issues. We also got to hear from some of the top sales directors which was really empowering. Afterwards we went to the expo and looked around at all the booths, Mary Kay cars, and things and then went back to the hotel where we ate some yummy dinner and got ready for the Nation Wide Awards show. In case you haven’t noticed, there is a lot of recognition and awards with this company. I love it!

The awards show was once again crazy long but it was very much worth it! I really felt like I was at the Emmy’s or something! We had performances and prize give aways and all sorts of cool things! It was a lot of fun 🙂 After all this recognition and everything it really makes me want to be a National Sales Director one day! But for now I will work on getting my red jacket and becoming a director 🙂

The trip was seriously amazing and it was so much fun! I am so excited to really get my butt into gear and do well with Mary Kay. I am also looking forward to a retreat coming up in October that will be held in Keystone Colorado AND the directors trip to New Orleans next year!! This company seriously gives so many woman the chances of a lifetime, support, recognition, and confidence.