School just started back up again! I signed up for classes and thankfully was able to test out of one of them so that lightened my load a bit 🙂 I am still taking Behavioral Neuroscience and Cognitive Psychology and working two and a half jobs! I still work at Sunrise and I still love it! I also work for Rett at Outland Real Estate Group helping out with home inspections and some marketing. And then I still do my Mary Kay business but have been putting less hours into it since school started. I really need to manage my time better!

The other day Dakota and I both got called off work!! It was sooo nice 🙂 So we cleaned a bit, went grocery shopping together, he did some inspections with me, and then we had dinner and went to a movie. It was a very productive, simple, and fun day. It was also very needed because I seem to spend any down time working or doing homework. I thought I was busy before!

Friday night was a fun day too. After my classes I stayed and did homework for four hours! And sad to say I wasted two of those hours doing the wrong homework. It was a sad moment but oh well! Once I left, I met up with some of my co-workers and we played laser tag! It was super fun and I won!! So that was even better 🙂 Afterwards we went and got some food then I went to Dakota’s work and watched their teams football game and hung out with Dakota for a bit. Dakota helps the coaches with the football team so he gets to go to all their camps and attend all the games which is fun 🙂 It gives me something to do every Friday night now!

Well that’s what is new with us Larsens!