Dakota has been spending his mornings at the gym lately. He found someone to lift with so now he actually goes every day! His gym partners name is Trevor and in the last couple of weeks they are practically a cute couple! I always tease Dakota about it because Trevor will call and talk to him and Dakota will talk about Trevor a lot haha it’s fun to see Dakota have a friend!

Speaking of friends, our friends Dan and Shay are coming up on their due date for their baby boy and we are all super excited for them! I can’t wait to see their little baby 🙂 Over the weekend Dakota and I went camping with some friends from Dakota’s work. We had a lot of fun shooting, fishing, getting into trouble, roasting marshmallows and just talking! It was a cold and windy night but in the end it was really fun. The next morning was conference and I really wanted to watch conference so I woke Dakota up and we packed up our stuff and went home. Needless to say we were kind of the party poopers that morning but conference is important!

Conference was great and I actually watched more than one session! My mom would be so proud haha I even stayed awake during them. All of the messages were great and I definitely got something out of conference. After conference Dakota and I discussed how we need to do better at reading our scriptures and praying so we have been doing a lot better with that! I know for me personally my scripture reading has become more studying than reading which is cool. We both will get into conversations about things we don’t know or about something we read and I really like it 🙂 Along the lines of the church and such I have been slowly building our food storage. I have made it a goal that every time I go to the grocery store I have to buy at least one thing for our food storage. Since we go shopping like every two weeks it has been helpful. And instead of just buying a bunch of stuff all at once and feeling like I spent a ton of money, I do it slowly. Even though I am not building my food storage at fast as I would like to at least I am getting some done! So for Christmas feel free to send us emergency preparedness stuff or food storage 😉

My 21st birthday is coming up and I am super excited about it! Not only am I turning 21 but I am turning 21 on October 21st! Pretty cool right? Unfortunately my birthday falls the same week as Dakota’s hunting trip so I really won’t be doing a whole lot but that’s alright! Here are some things I am most excited for:

1. I get a horizontal license
2. I finally get to drive the company vehicles at work
3. I can go to Mesquite and play Bingo! with all the old folks
4. I won’t feel like such a youngin’

Not a very impressive list but I am excited about it! School is going pretty well for me. I haven’t felt overwhelmed yet and have only missed 1 class! That is pretty impressive if you ask me. Usually I miss a lot of classes and get bored with school but this semester I am taking some upper division classes so its actually a lot of fun!

Well that’s what is new with us! Hope everyone is doing well and thanks for reading 🙂