As you all know today is Thanksgiving! At the beginning of the month I decided that every day I would write down what I was most grateful for that day. I really wanted to focus on the little things and things that happened that day. Everyone is grateful for their family, church, etc. but I think we forget about the small things that keep us going on a daily basis. So here is my very lengthy list! Enjoy 🙂

Day 1: I am grateful for the comfort in being safe and knowing that I have friends and family who would take care of me if I ever needed it!
Day 2: I am grateful for every Saturday because it is the one day I actually get to sleep in and be lazy for a bit!
Day 3: I am so thankful for friends who have stuck with me through the years and still love me!
Day 4: Today I am grateful for the relationships I get to build at work. Getting to work with the girls and watch them grow really gives me so much insight and joy.
Day 5: Today I am grateful such wonderful co-workers. They not only know how to make me feel supported, cared about, and taken care of but they also know how to call me out on my crap Love working at the best job ever!!
Day 6: Today I am grateful for my massage I got today!! Thanks babe for getting it for me.
Day 7: Grateful for Thursday! Without them I would never catch up on homework, cleaning, sleep, or hanging out with my husband.
Day 8: Grateful for such fun friends and laser tag!
Day 9: I am grateful for my husband and how he is willing to spend time with me, even if that means doing inspections with me for hours!
Day 10: I am thankful for stake conference because Dakota and I did not prepare a lesson for our sunbeams haha. Also thankful that there are still some good/wholesome shows on TV like Pawn Stars, American Pickers, and Criminal Minds.
Day 11: I am grateful for such awesome sisters! They are so beautiful, talented, weird, smart, and independent And they put up with me..what more could you ask for?
Day 12: I am grateful for caffeine. I don’t know how I could survive some days without it haha.
Day 13: Today I am grateful for family. Not just my immediate family but everyone else that fits the term. I have been really blessed to be grow up so close to all my aunts, uncles, cousins, etc! I love knowing that I can call anyone up and talk to them or just swing by there house for a visit. They are so supportive too As well as all my friends! I love you all and am glad to really know and have memories with each of you.
Day 14: Today I am grateful for sleep! Nuff said.
Day 15: I am grateful for a job that let’s me build relationships and take people Christmas shopping! Day 16: Grateful for laser tag, Denny’s, and friends who always know how to have fun also grateful for parents who buy us dinner.
Day 17: I am grateful for the few hours I have with my husband each day and how he makes me feel loved
Day 18; I am grateful for our cute sunbeam class! Even though they are a lot to handle they are still cute, funny, entertaining, teach me things, drive me crazy, and keep me active haha.

Day 19: I am grateful for a husband who asks me about how my day was every day Day 20: I am grateful for mashed potatoes! I could seriously live off of mashed potatoes.
Day 21: I am grateful for the view I get to see everyday when I drive into Hurricane. It really is an amazing view!
Day 22: I am grateful that Katie May
broke her rule and put up her Christmas tree. That means that I can start decorating!!!
Day 23: I am grateful for pitch perfect!! So much entertainment in one movie and so many lines that I can apply in real life.
Day 24: Today I am grateful for Alyssa Brown coming over because it motivates us to clean before she came! And I am grateful for having a lesson prepared today for our sunbeams. Without it there quite possibly would have been five kids crying instead of two.
Day 25: I am grateful for professors canceling class so I can go birthday shopping for my cute hubby. Day 26: Today I am grateful for such a great support system! Seriously my husband and coworkers are amazing. I don’t know how or why everyone puts up with me and my controlling self and my attitude but I am sure glad they do and have the patience to still love me!
Day 27: Today I am grateful for paper. Without paper, a planner, or anything like that my life would be so unorganized and crazy!! I am also grateful for blankets because my husband likes to slowly freeze me to death.
Day 28: Today I am grateful for memories. In school I have been learning about the many different disorders that can affect our memories. As I look back to the list I made this past month it really gives me insight on how much I really do have and take for granted.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving and that everyone eats a lot of yummy food! Dakota is working all day and I have work tonight which really sucks but we will be celebrating Thanksgiving on Saturday!