Okay so Dakota and I have been married for a year and a half now and we are still known as “newlyweds”. Being a newlywed is super fun but also has it’s challenges because we are still figuring things out and learning more and more about each other. So in honor of being a newlywed I made a list of the top 10 things I have realized/learned since being married.

1. People can tell you are a newlywed and will tell you. We get asked at least once a week “Are you two newlyweds? Because you are just too cute!” Apparently being in love is an indicator that we are newlyweds…
2. Marriage really isn’t that difficult. At least not for us. Our biggest “argument” is over if the fan should be on at night or not. Oh that’s not true! Sometimes we argue over the name of the channel changer. I call it a “remote” and he calls it a “clicker”. It’s a daily battle.
3. The biggest challenge we have had so far is adjusting our budget. Combining bank accounts or deciding who takes care of the finances was an easy adjustment. However, taking care of two people is very different then taking care of yourself. I am constantly asking myself if Dakota needs anything or if we should be spending money on anything else before I buy anything. Also, I never realized how little I knew about credit cards, bank accounts, loans, etc. It’s a whole new world!
4. You don’t see each other as often as you like. When we were dating Dakota and I sacrificed so much time to see each other and flirt! Now we are lucky to have more than two hours together. And during those two hours we are usually catching up and watching TV instead of trying to impress each other on a date haha.
5. You are a couple and therefore you are a package. Friends and family should know and understand that if you tell a secret or a funny story that you will tell your spouse. Also, if you invite one of us to do something expect both of us to show up. I went to lunch with a friend a couple weeks ago and he asked what Dakota thought about a situation we had been discussing and I openly told him his thoughts. Then he replied “I knew you told him! Good thing I trust you both.”
6. The smallest things will mean the most. Seriously though, Dakota attending a birthday party with me is a big deal! Even when he does the laundry I freak out!
7. You will want to make your own decisions and traditions. We constantly talk about how we want to raise our future children and what traditions we want to start. It is a lot of fun 🙂 You will also hear a lot of advice from parents, family, random strangers, etc. about what to do and how to do it. Take that into consideration but do what is best and what is most comfortable for the both of you. It is okay to try things and fail at them! You learn that way.
8. You become very selfless. I am always thinking of Dakota before myself. I would rather spend money on him then myself, spend time with him rather than homework, and I am always thinking of fun ways to surprise him or be cute 🙂
9. You get frustrated. We still have never had a legit hard core screaming at each other fight (which is awesome!) but that doesn’t mean we don’t annoy or frustrate each other. Expect it, don’t deny it, and talk about it. I am so thankful that we are comfortable enough with each other and trust each other enough to just talk and give each other feedback.
10. You fall in love every day. Seriously if you take anything out of this post take this one to heart. Every morning when I look over at my handsome man I just get so excited and reminded that I married the perfect man! Every year for Christmas I make a list of reasons why I love him. The list is made throughout the entire year and every time I compare my list to previous years there is rarely any overlap. That amazes me!

Well there you have it! Top ten confessions of a newlywed 🙂