At work last week we had a group discussion about new year resolutions. There were some great comments made in regards to making resolutions and not making them. I myself and split in the middle. I whole heartedly believe that if you want to make a change for yourself you should do it right then. However I also believe that a new year brings a fresh and easy start for some people. The new year brings a friendly reminder that you can make a fresh start just like the calendar does and it also reminds us to look at ourselves and think about what we would like to work on.

With that being said I have decided to make some resolutions of my own! Last year my resolution was to try different foods before I make an opinion on whether I like it or not. And turns out I like a lot more foods than I thought! I’m still a picky eater but I am more willing to try new things. For this year though I have made specific categories for my goals.
Work: Leave work at home! If I am not at work or clocked in don’t get on our program or do things while at home. It takes away from my family time and oddly enough I would rather do work than school so it takes away from that too. And above all I get burnt out FAST!
Spirit: Read my scriptures every day – at least one chapter. So far I have been doing this right when I wake up. My scriptures are right next to my bed so why not! I also want to be 100% on our tithing. We pay our tithing but sometimes we get a couple months behind. Also, Dakota and I are going to attend the temple once a month.
Personal: Now that Dakota doesn’t work nights anymore I really want to strengthen our relationship! Whether it be going on a date night once a week, going to the temple, or having dinner together I want to soak in all the time I can with him 🙂
School: Basically survive school and get at least B’s in all my classes 🙂
We also have other goals but you guys don’t need to know EVERYTHING about our lives 🙂 While I am writing I would like every one to know that Dakota got a promotion at work! He is now the Club Supervisor at Diamond Ranch Academy and does a whole lot of crazy work! We are excited for him to step up at work and bring home some more bacon! 🙂 Maybe one day he will get a day shift so we can spend more time together.