This week Dakota and I got news that one of our friends was in the hospital so we decided to go up to Salt Lake City, UT to visit family and friends. We drove up Wednesday morning and right outside of Cedar I got pulled over for speeding 🙁 Unfortunately I got a ticket so that wasn’t a great way to start off our trip but we pressed on! Once we got to Salt Lake we decided to go to the Cheesecake Factory for dinner! It was AMAZING!! I got the lemon herb chicken and it was sooo good. I highly recommend it. Afterwards we went window shopping and stopped by Barnes and Noble which I very much enjoyed. Then we went to Dakota’s sisters house and hung out with his niece and nephews. They had so much energy but even after entertaining them for a couple of hours and going insane we still want kids one day.

The next morning we woke up early and headed to Hogle Zoo for some fun! When we showed up a team of news cameras and crew workers were leaving. Turns out that right before we got there the news was recording one of the gorillas picking the winning team for the Superbowl. And we miss it! In case anyone is wondering, he pick the Seattle Seahawks. After walking around for a couple of hours and freezing my toes off we started driving home. We stopped in Provo for some lunch and walked around the mall a bit too. Then we went to Cabellas and Dakota could have spent hours there if I had let him. We got stopped about a quarter of a mile outside of the Nephi exit. We thought it was due to the horrible weather but turns out there was a police chase and it ended in Nephi! We missed it by about an hour. When we heard everything that happened on the news we felt pretty blessed that we missed it. We decided to stay the night and after checking UDOT we found out that they had closed the freeway down due to weather anyways.

Then Friday morning we woke up at 6 and got back on the road so that we could make it to school and work. However the weather got so bad again that there were accidents and heavy traffic. We were stopped dead for a while so we called in some favors to get worked covered and let professors know that we would be missing class. There was a huge semi roll over that had us stopped for a while and we missed it by one mile! It was crazy how we missed such major possible life changing events by only minutes! All in all it was a great trip and I am glad we made the trip and made so many fun memories! The conversations you have when you are stuck on the freeway are very entertaining 🙂

We may never road trip again. But if we do we will make sure to check the weather reports before we leave because we missed all sorts of craziness by only a few minutes but we also ran into some other bad luck! On top of everything I got sick today so couldn’t go to work. So I had to sit at home all day and work on my homework. Which I may or may still have not done… In other news, Dakota’s truck is getting very very old and has decided to start dying. So we decided to start looking to sell his truck and see what we can do with the little money we have set aside for a new truck. After ONE day we had already sold his truck to his grandparents for our asking price and found a decent truck! Everything was coming together really well and with us getting our asking price on the truck we are able to pay off my car and have a bigger down payment for a new truck.

Even though we really liked this Chevy Silverado that we originally found there was still something a little off about it so we decided to keep looking – especially since we knew Dakota’s grandparents wouldn’t mind letting us use it until we found something. I was feeling a little better so we decided to go around to a few dealerships in town and see what was there. We saw some nice trucks but most of them had high mileage or were in really rough shape. It was getting late but we made one more stop and found a beautiful 2010 Nissan Titan with only 45k miles on it and it has been very well taken care of! It was a little over our price range (which was discouraging) but after going over our budget and figuring out the financing everything strangely worked out in our favor! This was the first truck we found that we actually talked over the most, stayed logical, didn’t have to settle on anything,
and felt good about! So we were happy to hear that we could actually afford it with our budget 🙂 We decided to go ahead and do the paper work and on Monday we will see what happens! I am so grateful to have things work out so easily for us with this because we can’t function with only one vehicle and we really needed something nice and long term. I love seeing Gods hand in our every day lives 🙂 Even though it has been a long week our safety was never compromised and we were able to sell our truck with ease and find something new! I really am grateful for each and every challenge we face together.