This year for Valentine’s day Dakota and I were both working and the next day I had work again so it was technically a delayed date but well worth it! Dakota told me that he had everything planned so I didn’t do much planning, more worrying because Dakota isn’t very romantic so I had no idea what to expect haha. We slept in (which was amazing!) and then went grocery shopping because we really needed some. After unloading everything we got ready to go to Zion National Park. We drove up there and picked the hike we wanted and as we were driving we missed our hike so we picked another one and it ended up being nothing but a really short walking path. Super lame but we made a memory so that was fun 🙂 It was a really nice day and we saw four deer so it was great. Afterwards we came home and I took a short nap while Dakota went back to the store to pick up some last minute things for our date. While he was gone I went to a different store and picked up some of my own things I needed. I know, so prepared. After the store I came home to Dakota making me dinner! We had fettucini alfredo with chicken and it was delicious! Afterwards we watched “Just Go With It” which was a romantic comedy that we both enjoy and it is set in Hawaii so it got us pumped for our upcoming trip!! Then we had strawberry cheesecake for dessert. It was a lovely evening filled with love 🙂


P.S. Dakota also sent me a singing valentine! It was super embarrassing because it was in the middle of my class but it was still very cute and out of the box for him 🙂