This past week Dakota and I went to HAWAII!!!! We went with my parents and sisters and went for an entire week! It was amazing 🙂 So for this post I decided to break it down day by day to make it easier to read.
Saturday: We left Hurricane at way too early in the morning and headed to Las Vegas for our flight. I got the window seat 🙂 As we were taking off the family across the isle from us started clipping their nails! It was so disgusting. We slept for most of the six hour flight but when we got bored we played cards! I have never been more grateful for a deck of cards. Once we landed we went to the hotel and got settled in then just relaxed. The hotel was amazing! There were hardly any walls and everything was just very open and beautiful 🙂

Sunday: We went to Waikiki where we saw a bunch of Banyan trees, did some shopping, walked around the beaches, and visited the Tabernacle there and saw the Queen’s palace! Afterwards we went back to the hotel and l
aid out on the beach.

Monday: This day we woke up early and went to the Polynesian Culture Center (PCC). It was really cool to see the different island and villages they created there! We saw a lot of festive people and learned a lot about the difference in cultures. Dakota and I learned how to knife dance (I think that is what it is called) which was VERY difficult. We also tried to do this thing with Poy balls which is also a lot more difficult than it looks. Then we went to a luau and had some delicious food followed by an amazing show called HA Breath of Life. The whole day was pretty great and we all got a little tanner 🙂
Tuesday: We just laid out at the beach all day on Tuesday which was very relaxing and needed! We did go to lunch at this cafe called Longboards which was okay and then Dakota and I took a nap which was great! I love naps 🙂 Then Dakota and I got ready and went out to dinner at this nice Steakhouse place inside the hotel. We got to sit outside so we had a nice breeze and we could also hear the music coming from the luau outside so it was fun. The food was pretty good but Texas Roadhouse will always be my favorite.
Wednesday: We woke up early and drove out to Pearl Harbor. Once we got there we walked around the different museums and learned a lot about Japan and America back then as well as learned about the attack and how it was planned b

y the Japanese. It was all very interesting to see and hear! Then we watched a short video about the USS Arizona and the memorial that was built and then we got on a boat and went over the memorial. It was a very neat experience and it was very cool to know a bit more about what happened so that you could really appreciate the memorial site. Afterwards we went to lunch at the California Pizza Kitchen and it was amazing!!! I had never been before and it seriously was soo good. I almost ate an entire pizza by myself with some mac and cheese and salad! After eating Rett drove us around the island to different outlook and view points and each one was beautiful! It was interesting to see how different parts of the island compared to others. Then we went back to the hotel, rested for a bit, then went to another luau! This one was at Paradise Cover just down the street from us and it was lots of fun! They had games, little shops, and fake tattoos we could get – all for free! It was super fun and right on the ocean too. We even got to see them pull the pig out of the ground! Wednesday was a great day 🙂

Thursday: We had to wake up a little early and switch to a different room for the rest of our stay but it wasn’t too bad because we got to lay out on the beach while we waited! We actually spent most of our day on the beach, playing in the water, reading, and eating snow cones! This day we even got cabanas! I know, we are fancy. Dakota and I played cards a lot too which was super fun!! I love cards and Dakota never plays with me so I loved every minute of it! There was this one time when we were in the ocean and there was this huge fish swimming right next to Dakota and out of nowhere Dakota just leaps at it! It was so funny because when he came back up he said, “I almost had it”. Hahahaha I love him.
Friday: This was our last full day in Hawaii 🙁 We didn’t have anything specific we wanted to do so we just went to the beach again! I didn’t mind because I really needed a tan and it really was just relaxing! Plus I had a book I wanted to finish 🙂 After some time Dakota got bored so he went back to the room and watch March Madness haha. So us girls talked on the beach and enjoyed the sunshine. We decided to go to a movie and dinner so we all showered and drove looking for an Outback Steakhouse. While we were driving a car full of LDS missionaries pulled up next to McKenna and waved to her then we drove our seperate ways. We all had a good laugh about it 🙂 Once we found Outback we ate and had some great memories! Then as we were walking out to the cars McKenna found a card on her window with the missionaries number on it!! We all died because there is no way they could have followed us to Outback so they either stalked us or found us by chance and decided to leave a card for her! But THEN we saw another card on the front windshield with their names and number on it! We couldn’t stop laughing.

McKenna tried to text them but they couldn’t text so the plan is to look up their address and write them since we know the area they are in and their names! So. Funny. We didn’t end up going to a movie because we were pretty spent so we just went back to the hotel and Dakota and I got some ice cream and watched Lone Ranger.

Saturday: Today was the day we had to leave 🙁 I was really sad about it! Our day was very boring. We packed up, got to the airport, Dakota and I got some more California Pizza Kitchen, and then we were on a plan for 5 hours. We played lots of cards though and I read more of my book and got some sleep in. When we landed in Vegas though we had a wonderful surprise waiting for us! My older sister Shawntae gave birth to her son Logan James!! We had missed it by just one hour. He is super cute and had chubby cheeks 🙂 After all that excitement we drove home and I went straight to bed!

The whole week was absolutely amazing! It was so nice to relax, get away from all my responsibilities, and just do nothing!! At times I missed work and my friends but coming back I feel so rejuvenated and refreshed. I had so much fun with Dakota and my family and I am so grateful that we got to go 🙂