So my job is the greatest (in case you didn’t already know that) and one of the great things about my job is shift bonding. This is when everyone on your shift (mine is TTHSpm, aka THE BEST) gets together and does something super fun to bond and just relax and do something other than work! IT’S AWESOME! My shift already is pretty tight knit and we have all worked together for at least 6 months so shift bonding is something we all look forward to. For this shift bonding we decided to go to Centro Pizza up in Cedar City for dinner and then shooting stars over a huge mine.

We all met up at Centro Pizza and no joke I fell in love. The atmosphere was super trendy but comfortable and the food. THE FOOD was amazing!!! Wood fired, great flavor, I could go on forever. It was seriously delicious haha Okay enough about my love for Centro Pizza. After eating, talking, and laughing our faces off for a couple of hours we drove out to the mine. Basically just imagine a HUGE hole in the ground and that is the mine. So to do “shooting stars” we got some golf balls and covered them in glow sticks and then we golfed over the mine! If you hit the ball hard enough the glow stick stuff will fall off as it’s flying and will create a tail just like you see with a shooting star. It was super cool! I only hit the golf ball successfully a couple of times but it was still way fun!

While we were there some kids showed up trying to make water bombs (or something) and they epically failed at least a dozen times. They were slightly annoying because we were having so much fun but they were handy when we wanted some group photos 🙂 I just loved being part of a group of adults laughing, failing a golfing, and trying to rave dance haha. The kids probably thought we were freaks but we were having so much fun!

I love the people I work with and couldn’t have asked for better co-workers and friends!