So a lot of fun things have happened the last couple of weeks so here is my update!

I got to go on a camping trip for work last week which was super fun. We camped in Snow Canyon National Park which is gorgeous! The weather was nice except for some intense wind!! During the camping trip we hiked down lava tubes, played in the sand dunes, rock climbed, and ate our hearts out. It was a pretty good trip and on top of it I didn’t have to work the rest of the week! Since having the rest of the week off Dakota and I decided to take advantage of it and have an all day date Saturday! We rarely get a whole day together so we decided to wake up early and hit up Zion. We picked our trail (Angel’s Landing) and took the shuttle all the way there. Once off the shuttle and about 20 feet into the hike it started to rain. It was soft but very dark clouds were rolling in so sadly we decided to leave to avoid dying in the cold and windy rain. Then we ate some lunch and that’s all I remember haha. We probably hung out with friends or something but it was two weeks ago!

This last week our friend wife Michelle came to visit from Colorado where she is going to massage school. The night she came in to town our group met up at our house and then we headed out to have a bonfire. It was really fun and we of course roasted hot dogs and mallows and had some good laughs 🙂 The following day was Saturday and I got work off again! Two Saturdays off in a row?! It was really nice :)Dakota and I went furniture shopping!! I love buying furniture. I could do it every day. We were on the look out for some night stands. When we bought our bed frame we didn’t buy the whole set but to our dismay they discontinued our set so, no matching night stands. But that’s okay because how hard can it be to find two black night stands? Apparently very difficult. Every store we went to either didn’t have anything black, was way crazy priced, or was too short for our bed. I know, so picky right? But we did end up finding an entertainment center that perfectly matched the rest of our furniture! I love furniture 🙂 I may or may not have started looking into patio furniture so we can have an awesome backyard….
After shopping for hours we went to lunch and came home and relaxed. We decided to stay home and rent a movie. We also got a surprise when our friend Shay showed up with her cute baby! We all hung out for a while until her husband Dan showed up to take them away from us 🙁 Basically the last two weeks have been very relaxing and fun!

As another update Dakota is going back to working weekends at Diamond Ranch. I have a lot of opinions about his job but it pays the bills and Dakota likes working there so I won’t complain. He decided to work weekends again because he started helping out our friends car detailing business and wants to do that full time during the week. This means extra money and nights with my husband!! However it also means I go to church alone and have to actually cook dinners…Wish me luck! Oh p.s. I’m pretty sure Patricia turned 10 this year, woo!