This Easter Dakota was working a 16 hour shift so I spent it pretty much alone. Since all of us kids are older and no one has any kids Easter hasn’t been a huge thing lately other than the always delicious Easter dinner! So while Dakota was at work I caught up on homework and work on some papers I had due the following week. Finals week is coming up so it was actually nice being home alone so I wasn’t distracted. My mom and sister were nice enough to come visit and bring me food too! They stayed for a bit and we chatted about haircuts and Morgan’s boyfriend and taught my mom how to do a screen shot on her phone.

This Easter I put together a little Easter egg hunt and basket for Dakota 🙂 The fun part was that each egg he found was a clue that eventually would lead him to his basket! Even though we didn’t get to spend Easter together I know that through Christ we will get to spend many Easters to come together as well as the rest of eternity. So grateful for the knowledge I have and for such a great eternal companion 🙂

Happy Easter everyone!

“Happy Easter My Dear! You’ll have to hunt for your basket this year!”
Clue #1: No Bunny is as sexy as you! {Now go & look inside your shoe!}

Clue #2: You’re my favorite Peep! {The next clue’s hidden where we sleep.}

Clue #3: I think you are Eggstra hot! {Go and look with the pans & pots.}

Clue #4: Tulips are better than one! {Look by the TV. You’re almost done.}

Clue #5: You make me Hoppy, yes you do. {Your prize is hidden by the shampoo.}

“You did it! You found your prize. I hope you enjoy this little surprise!”
A small cooler
Sorry! Board game
Phase 10 card game
Wipes for interior of his truck
Mike N Ikes
Sunflower Seeds