They were so excited to try a new technique

The weather has been so amazing lately so of course I want to be outside! Thursday I was feeling pretty sick but after some sleep and medicine I was feeling better so I figured some fresh air would help me get better too. So Dakota and I packed up our fishing poles and cooler and headed to Enterprise for some fishing with our friend Kipp 🙂

It was a beautiful day out and even though I was still feeling sick it was nice to not be cooped up inside sitting in front of a TV. At first we weren’t catching anything but we knew there were fish because the people down the lake from us were catching something about every five minutes! So Kipp went over and asked them what they were using and the second we tried their technique Kipp and I caught a fish within a few minutes of casting out!! It was so awesome!! I have only caught a fish once before and it was years ago so I considered it my first fish 🙂 And guess what? It was the biggest one of the day!! I was pretty proud of myself. However I do have to give some credit to my awesome hubby for baiting my hook for me and then taking the hook out of the fish once I caught it haha but I did cast the line and reel in the fish by myself.

Me and one of my big fishes!

We spent a good four hours out there before we started getting cold and hungry so we packed up and went to Chili’s for some food. It was a quick little trip but it was so fun! It is amazing how much fun fishing can be when you are actually catching fish! Who knew? And now that I will be out of school for the summer and Dakota has evenings off we will probably be going more often 🙂

Okay so now it’s time for a funny story. As Dakota was taking a picture of me with my fish this huge hawk came and swooped up a fish out of the water!! It was seriously so awesome and I was the only one who witnessed it! The best part was right as Dakota took a picture of me was when I was having a freak out about seeing the hawk. It was a great candid moment, memory, and embarrassing photo.

So grateful for being outdoors and living in such an amazing place surrounded by beauty and nature. Now back to writing papers and studying for finals….