Being the amazing student I am I procrastinated (well kind of) my final analysis paper for one of my classes. It is due on Monday and today is Friday. I have literally been working on this paper since 10am. It is only four pages! It should not be taking me an entire to day to write a paper! But it is. Every student goes through the same process of writing a paper. So instead of telling you about the experience I decided to Snapchat my struggle throughout the day! The following pictures are how I feel and what I go through whenever I write a paper.

This picture was taken and for the next 20 minutes I was playing on the internet because I took my focus away for one picture

This was about an hour after the last picture was taken

I told myself I would get a swig after writing a page and it worked

I was legitimately motivated right here

In the background you can see my Swig, a bowl or candy, and some trisquits for my snacks

Out of pure chance I thought to check my margins and sure enough they were WAY off

At this point I was willing to do anything instead of writing this paper

Yeah! He left me ALL day to suffer alone 🙁

The struggle is real people! Hope this gave everyone some insight on my life and hopefully I brought back some memories of your own 🙂