Every quarter of the year my shift gets together and does something fun! We call it shift bonding and it is something I always look forward to. This quarter we decided to have a murder mystery party! I have never been to one before so I was way excited and those I work with will for sure go all out so I knew it was going to be a blast! My co-worker Alex picked a Titanic theme and gave everyone their characters and assignments. My character was Mr. Harris and I was married to Mrs. Harris (aka Alexana). The funny thing about this is that Alexana and I am good friends and sometimes pretty codependent at work. So the fact that our characters were married was hilarious!

On May 5th we all met up at Alexana’s house dressed up and ready to go! Everyone looked amazing and we were having a good time walking around Cedar City dressed up. In honor of Cinco de Mayo we went to Costa Vida to get some food and then we headed back to Alexana’s to finish the party. There were a lot of crazy twists (like my character was secretly gay) and it kept all of us laughing and on our toes. In the end we did not guess the correct murderer and
sank to our deaths. Totally worth it! Meghann (her character was a psychotic lady) ended up being the murderer and now we have endless jokes about that.

The evening was super fun and I was really glad I got to get to know some of my co-workers better and see everyone’s crazy theatrical side come out!