There has been a lot going on in the last week. Dakota’s sister Carli is currently serving an LDS mission in Santa Rosa California. She’s only been out for a few months and recently has been having some heart issues. Over the last couple of weeks the pain has escalated and she has been blacking out. Long story short she was sent to a hospital in the Salt Lake area where she has been the last couple of days doing tests. So far there isn’t a clear idea as to what is wrong with her and she still has more tests to do this coming Tuesday. Dakota and I are planning on visiting her Monday and then coming back late Tuesday night or Wednesday morning. On top of that on Saturday I found out that my friend from high school was in a car accident and in currently in a coma. As of today he had some very minimal movements on his right side but there is such bad swelling in his brain that he hasn’t been showing much action. He has a Facebook page called Prayers for Weston if anyone wants to check out the whole story or send support. Today at work we watched “Life is Beautiful” and I of course cried like a baby because 1) the story is so touching and 2) I have been suppressing my emotions! The last couple of days have been overwhelming but they also have been insightful and remind me of how grateful I am for life and for all those who are a part of my life. It’s crazy to think of how quickly everything can change or be lost.

For some good news Dakota and I just got a kayak AND a row boat! Dakota has been helping out his friends auto detailing business and one day they were detailing a guy’s RV and Dakota asked him about an old kayak that was sitting on the side of the house. The guy said that he never uses it and that even though it has been sitting in the sun and looks faded it still works and then gave it to Dakota!! I was so excited!!! We have been wanting a kayak for so long and then we just got one for free?! Best. day. ever. Then another day the same week Dakota was out at another house and the guy had a porta-boat. Basically its a row boat that folds into itself and you can pack it up and take it anywhere! It is seriously so cool! And now we have a row boat to take fishing 🙂
So even though some really intense stressful things are going on in our lives there are still some positive things to look at. Life really is beautiful with the right perspective and I’m glad I can see the simple things that make me happy through all the chaos and stress.