On Monday Dakota and I drove up to Sandy to visit his sister Carli. In case you didn’t read my previous post Carli recently came home from her mission on medical release due to some heart related issues. She was up in the University of Utah hospital getting testing done so we went to go visit and be with his family. We were lucky to be able to stay at a very nice couples home. Their names were Dale and Renae and they are the sweetest people. They took us and Dakota’s family in and really made sure that we got what we needed and felt comfortable and at home while staying with them. Dakota put together a fooseball table they had bought for their grandchildren as a way of saying thank you and they were so excited about having it set up! Then we all played pool and just hung out. They really made us feel so welcomed and I am grateful for them opening their hearts and their home to all of us in such a crazy stressful time.

On Tuesday Dakota and I dropped off Carli and her mom at the hospital to take some more tests and then we went to the Cheesecake Factory for some food 🙂 Afterwards we met up with our friend Mark and explored Scheels and Ikea! I have never been to Ikea before so I was super excited about going and wanted to look at everything!! It was a good thing we didn’t have any money or I would have bought the entire store! After Ikea we went back to Dale and Renae’s home and ate some dinner, played more pool, and got updated on Carli’s diagnosis! Long story short she has a condition termed P.O.T.S. If you would like to get a better understand of her diagnosis click on the link here. My mother in law explains it so much better so I would even attempt 🙂

Even though our trip was quick and the purpose wasn’t very exciting we still had fun and are glad that Carli was able to be discharged and come home the same day we left!