Today Dakota and I really wanted to get out of the house and doing something but it was too hot to go fishing or hiking and we didn’t want to go swimming so we decided to be tourists for the day! Meaning we pretend we have never been to Saint George before and we do things that a typical tourist would do when vacationing in Saint George. We called up our friends Dan and Carrie and we met up at the first stop: Rosenbruch Wildlife Museum.

Dakota has always (secretly) wanted to go there and it was on the tourist list so we went! It was surprisingly fun and there was a lot more animals then we were expecting. They even had an entire room dedicated to insects which was both creepy and amazing! We had fun looking at the animals learning about different species. Dakota’s favorite part was seeing all the deer. You could say he is excited for hunting season. The museum is set up to show different animals from different regions of the world. We saw everything from deer to bears to zebras!

The next stop on our adventure was the fine art museum off Main Street. The museum was completely empty so we were able to talk and have fun without offending any onlookers. Some of the art pieces were really cool and were mostly done by watercolors. I found a kid section (surprise surprise) where we could paint our own water color master pieces!! So we each grabbed a piece of paper and became artists! I’d say our art could be hung up in the museum. What do you think?? After the museum we went to the legendary Cafe Rio for some lunch and then we dropped off our friends so they could go to work. Even though we only hit a few of the many tourist spots we still had a lot of fun and got to see some of the hidden gems in our home town! I highly recommend being a tourist in your own town. I know we will do it again soon 🙂