For the last two and a half years I have been working at Sunrise residential treatment center. Working at Sunrise has been one of the greatest experiences of my life so far. I have learned so much as well as grown personally. Through the last couple of years I have learned so much and built some of the best relationships! I am so blessed to have been able to have relationships with so many students and see them grow and progress as well as myself and my co-workers.
Over the last week I was offered a new opportunity with Skywest Airlines. At first I was like, “I already have a job!” but then as my friends continued to bring up the idea of me applying I couldn’t help but think about the offer. I ended up going to a group interview and thought I totally bombed it. But I still had to consider the idea that I didn’t and that they would call me back for a second interview. Immediately panic set in.
How could I leave? So many other staff were leaving because of school and other things and I was one of the few who wasn’t planning on leaving! I became so stressed out and overwhelmed with the idea of leaving that I couldn’t sleep and I was eating all the time (which is probably a good thing). I even made a Pro’s, Con’s, and Feeling’s list to help clear my mind. Here is the list:
  1. I won’t be stressed out and dread going to work
  2. More time with Dakota
  3. More freedom with school schedule
  4. New job = New adventure
  5. Builds my resume
  6. Gain experience
  7. Fully insured with Skywest
  8. National flights
  9. More work hours
  10. Move back to Saint George
  11. More time to hang out with friends
  12. Can explore!
  1. Lose relationships with the students
  2. Lose some staff relationships
  3. My supervisor will be even more overwhelmed than she is
  4. Have to learn a new job and start at the bottom of the totem pole
  5. All my responsibilities (on call supervisor, inventory, transition calls) will go to someone else
  6. The hours will suck at Skywest for the first few months
  7. Not as much of a team environment
  8. Won’t have crazy stories to share after work
  1. I feel obligated to stay at Sunrise
  2. I feel pressured to stay
  3. I feel pressured to leave
  4. I’m afraid all my hard work I put into my responsibilities (see above) will diminish
  5. I’m afraid to start a new job
  6. I’m confused about which way to go
  7. I feel like I will be judged or hated for whatever choice I make
  8. I feel ready to explore new options
  9. I feel very overwhelmed
  10. I feel like I need to please everyone but I can’t
  11. I feel terrible for putting stress on others
  12. I feel like I am not doing quality work at Sunrise
  13. I feel like I should try new things

For about a week I just couldn’t get my thoughts clear! I was so confused because I thought I had my path set and then BOOM! Something new comes along. So naturally I prayed and prayed and prayed but still was so lost. I did read my patriarchal blessing and although I didn’t get an answer I felt a lot of comfort. I prayed some more and told my Heavenly Father that if he made the path known to me I would see it. The next day Skywest called me for a second interview.

WHAT??!! So many thoughts when through my mind! “Holy cow they want a second interview!” and “Oh crap. I might actually be leaving Sunrise.” I had to talk to someone. Dakota was my first choice but he wasn’t very helpful. Sorry honey! He was super excited about Skywest that he made me more frustrated and confused. I just wanted to talk to someone who would listen to all my chaos and just validate me. I know, I’m so needy. But I didn’t want someone to make the choice for me. I just wanted someone to vent to and tell me that no matter what they were happy for me and supported me. That person was the one and only Alexana.

Alexana is not only one of my greatest friends but she is also my shift supervisor at Sunrise. I was of course hesitant about talking with her about it because I assumed she would want me to stay but she was so nice. She told me that she was happy for me and that she would support me no matter what! FINALLY! Immediately after talking with her I felt so relieved and could think clearer. The next couple of days I spent some time driving and visiting the temple. I knew, without a doubt, that no matter what I chose to do it would all work out.

Even though I didn’t really know which path to choose I knew that I could be happy either way. Which was very comforting. Dakota and I started talking about our future and what would be ideal for us and Skywest of course was the most appealing. Then Friday came. The day Skywest told me they would get back to me about if I got a position or not. All day I was checking my phone making sure I answered every phone call. I didn’t really realize how much I wanted the job at Skywest until I was waiting for them to offer it to me. I was praying all day long asking if I should take the job and what I should do. No dice. So I decided to change the way I was praying. Instead of asking what I should do I chose a path and prayed “This is what I want to do and what I think is best. Please confirm that this choice is in my best interest and my future families best interest”. I felt very comforted and excited! It’s amazing how simply changing the way you pray can answer your prayers.

Eventually I got the call from Skywest and was offered a job! I was really nervous when I got the call because I thought they were turning me down. But in the end they offered me the job and I did accept it. Even though I am very nervous and sad to leave I feel that I am making the right decision. I have never had to make such a tough decision before! I still have feelings of guilt but I know it will pass and that I only feel that way because I do care so much about my Sunrise family.

Even though it will be difficult for me to say good bye I am really excited for a new opportunity to grow and experience. My days at Sunrise are coming to an end but a new Sunrise is just on the horizon.