The 4th of July has always been a fun holiday! BBQ’s, Fireworks, and bright colors! What’s not to love? My family never did anything too big for the 4th of July but Dakota and I wanted to do something. Dakota was working until 3 so we weren’t able to go spend time with his family and have lunch but we were able to go to dinner with our friends. We went to Texas Roadhouse and then went and took pictures 🙂 After taking pictures we went back to Erin and Parker’s house for some yummy jello and drinks while we waited for the firework show to start. At 9ish we headed over to the old airport and waited for the fireworks to start! One of the cool things about Saint George is they have fireworks go off at four different locations so no matter where you are you are sure to see some! The nice thing about being on the airport is you get to experience ALL the locations! All in all we had a really fun relaxed holiday 🙂