So Dakota and I have been married for almost two years and apparently one of our favorite activities to do is move. In the two years we have been together this will be our fourth move (not including moving into our first apartment). Our first apartment was this tiny yellow apartment that I still have no idea how we fit in there. Our second was in the basement of someone’s house. It was very nice and updated however it was still small. Our next move was to Hurricane where we took on a huge adventure and lived in a wood house on a farm! We had to take care of chickens and everything. That was definitely one of my favorites though 🙂 Lots of memories and learning happened in that “Hen house”. Once we saved up some money we moved to a very quaint 3 bedroom town home. This house is by far the most homey and the biggest we have had yet. We love the neighborhood and the ward and the convenience of being close to work.

Our next move is back to Saint George and I cannot be more excited! Finally I can be closer to friends and activities without having to drive 25 minutes. Even though we really like our current home we are wanting to downsize so that we can save money and be closer to my new job and school. With Dakota working weekends now he would only have to drive out to Hurricane twice so we would be saving on gas as well. We found a really cute apartment within walking distance of Sky West and the college is just around the corner! We hope to be moved by the end of the month. Even though packing and moving is awful we are really good at it! Our record time of moving, unpacking, and slightly decorating is two and a half days. We really should think about opening a moving business haha. People always give us crap for moving so much but if moving is what’s best for us then move it is!