I haven’t been keeping up on our blog lately because it has been so busy! As you know I started working a new job at SkyWest Airlines and it has definitely been keeping me on my toes! Not only did I have to memorize over 200 city codes but while training I also have homework every night! After a long 10 hour shift going home knowing I have homework can be disheartening but the homework has been very helpful. I feel like I am starting to finally get the hang of the new job as well. There is still a lot to learn and work on but my coworkers tell me I am doing well so I will take their word for it.

Dakota and I moved in to our new house today as well! My work schedule this week is crazy so we only had two days where we could pack and move without work interrupting so I was pretty stressed out. But we were able to pull everything together with the help of some friends and have everything moved and unpacked by the end of the second day! It was a lot of work to get everything done in two days but man does it feel good to be done and come home to a nice house! PLUS we live in town again! So that means we are closer to family, friends, school, and a social life!

The only down side to moving was that we could not find an apartment that allowed pets so we unfortunately had to find a new home for Patricia. We weren’t able to find a home for her at first but thankfully on the day we were moving someone was able to take her. I cried a little. I hope she does well at her new home and adjusts to her new family.

Well I think that is all there is to update on! Until next time..