Last week was our two year anniversary! Can you believe it? Two years already! Most people say that the first two years are the hardest but the most challenging thing for us has been moving so much haha. Dakota is really good at communicating and knowing how to deal with stressful situations which really calms me down and opens up the communication. I love that we can both talk to each and not have to worry about what the other will think and be willing to work on ourselves consistently.

Just before our anniversary date we won a photo contest where we got a free session with Tyler Rye Photography so that week we hiked up some beautiful red rocks and took some photos! It was probably the last thing Dakota wanted to do but it was free so we might as well right? Here are some of my favorites from the session:

We had fun and Tyler was great to work with! I did get really hot though and may or may not have almost passed out but it was well worth it for some good canyon shots 🙂

Recently I started an internship at Pine View Middle School as well. Myself and another lady will be teaching the “Will Homeroom” which basically means that we will work specifically with students who struggle to stay motivated in school or act out a lot and need more structure. We will teach small half hour lessons on specific topics like success, goals, self esteem, etc. I am really excited and nervous about teaching but it’s only two half hour classes so hopefully it goes well! Today we showed up for the first day of school and we got our curriculum and our classroom assignment. We will have the room all to ourselves and we have the entire week to decorate the classroom! I am super excited about that 🙂

The next college semester will be starting here in the next couple of weeks and as always I am so not prepared. I’m not even sure I have signed up for all of my classes yet….Dakota is getting all of his paperwork and such done for the police academy and all he has left to do is take a test and then he starts in October! Wish us luck this year we have a lot going on!