Many of you know that I am currently going to school for my Bachelor’s in Psychology. Well earlier this year I got an e-mail from one of the psychology professors that there was an internship available and all you needed to be qualified was be a psychology major. So I e-mail back saying I was interested and I ended up getting it along with another student! I was super excited because I am not even senior standing yet and to have a paid internship is pretty cool.

The official title of the job is “Will Homeroom Instructor”. This means that for one hour a day we will be at Pine View Middle School dealing with behavioral kids. At Pine View they have a half hour long homeroom class where students can either read or catch up on homework in other classes. Our homeroom will be different though. We have an actual curriculum and homework assignments. Our main goal is to talk about success, self esteem, goal making, etc. and to keep the students structured and motivated.

The school has never done this before so it has been very unorganized. The first week of school we didn’t even have any students yet. Basically how it works is if a student is acting out in their homeroom class or any classroom they come to our homeroom class for x amount of days. So one day we could have 2 kids and the next we could have 20. It’s really weird especially since we are supposed to be handing out assignments and such. Supposedly there will be students permanently in the class but we will see. Our first official class with students is Monday! Wish us luck!

Since we didn’t have anyone to teach for the past week we were able to decorate our classroom. Yes we have our very own classroom!! It’s all fancy and official. Our theme was Candy Land and I say we successfully created a fun classroom atmosphere. The students may think it is really cheesy and childish but we love it so they will have to deal. I forgot to take a BEFORE picture of the blank ugly walls but here are some progressive pictures:

This was the first step! You should have seen the ugly boring wall before.

Making progress!

The road will be used to motivate the students. If they turn in assignments, participated really well, or do something awesome they get to move forward. If they reach the end they get a treat!

Looks pretty good eh?

I don’t know about you but I would say that is one good looking classroom! I would totally want to come to my class 🙂 It took us the entire week to finish it so hopefully at least one student will think it is cool. I’ll keep everyone updated on how the class goes once it actually starts!