Last night Dakota and I decided to go fishing up in Pine Valley with some friends. On our way up we made a pit stop at Veyo Pies and it was so yummy! It was my first time going and I got the chocolate cream pie. Super good. The lady helping us wasn’t very nice but oh well my pie still tasted good! Once we got up to the little lake we set up and right away three of us caught a fish! They were tiny but something is better than nothing. It was such a beautiful day and it was nice to just be up in the mountains and catch up with some friends. Pine Valley is definitely one of my favorite places to go and hopefully we can get a cabin up there someday!

In case you didn’t know, there is a fee when you go up to Pine Valley. I personally have never ever paid so when we drove past the self pay box no one thought twice about it. But of course on our way out we noticed that we had envelopes on our cars. Turns out the rangers are serious about that $4 fee to be up there for the day. Of course non of us had any cash smaller than a $20 so we were all scrambling through our cars looking for coins. Both cars ended up finding $4 in pennies, nickels, dimes, and even a couple quarters! We were pretty proud of ourselves. So we drove over to put the envelope in the self pay slot and guess what? Our coin filled envelopes couldn’t fit! The slot was tiny and obviously only meant for dollar bills haha. We were able to get one envelope in the slot with only a little effort but our envelope must have had a lot more coins because it would not fit! Eventually we decided to stop trying and place the envelope somewhere else with an explanation but at that point the envelope was half way in the slot and we couldn’t get it out! As we were trying to get it out the envelope ended up ripping in half and most of the coins went into the slot. At that point we just poured the rest of the coins in the slot and the other half of our envelope and prayed that we wouldn’t get a ticket! It was a fun 20 minutes haha.

I love quick little trips like these because there is always something random that happens that makes such a fun memory.


My fish I caught! He was still chasing that worm!