Last post I mentioned that we had some news we wanted to share. Sorry to disappoint but we are not pregnant! Over the last little while Dakota has been looking into working at an oil field and getting us out of debt and some nice savings. Well within the last few days he has found a job in Killdeer, North Dakota! Yes, the town really is called Killdeer. He starts this coming Tuesday. I know, not much time for me to process everything.

Now before everyone starts thinking to themselves, “This is not a smart decision. Oil fields are so dangerous and he is going to hate it. I once knew someone blah blah blah” just understand that voicing your concern and care is wonderful and we appreciate it however it does not feel very supportive. Hopefully you all know us well enough to trust that we wouldn’t make such a big decision without doing our research or personally processing everything. The best thing we need is understanding, trust, and often visitations because I am going to be bored out of my mind!
Also understand that this is not a permanent decision. We aren’t moving or anything crazy like that. The plan right now is for Dakota to go up and try it out for a few months to see what the company and job is like and then reevaluate what would be best for us. Thankfully with my job at SkyWest I can fly up there whenever I can and can fly him back to Saint George just as easily. And since it isn’t a major town getting there is very easy as a non-revenue passenger. I know that visiting won’t happen as often as we would like and that it will be a challenge being away for a couple weeks at a time but I don’t think it is anything that we can’t handle. Of course I have my fears and doubts and if for any reason any one of us thinks it is not a good decision for any reason he will leave in a heart beat.
All in all we are excited to see what doors this opportunity may lead for us. If you ask Dakota what he is most excited about for this job his response will be, “Now whenever people ask me ‘Which Dakota are you from haha’ I can say NORTH!”. Apparently he gets asked that a lot haha. TTFN!

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  1. My family is from Williston, ND! The oil rush up there is crazy. Just look out because rent for apartments up there is RIDICULOUSLY expensive now with everyone moving up there!