The last week has been packed with things to do! For starters I finally finished my training at SkyWest so now I don’t have to have someone constantly watching me as I work which is very nice. I also started school this week and even though my class schedule is still changing a week later it’s nice to be back in school. This semester I am taking my practicum, clinical psychology, and hopefully ASL (I’m still trying to get in). Doesn’t seem like a lot but trust me having a practicum along with my other classes, an internship, and work is a lot so I’m taking it a little easy. My internship at the middle school has been pretty lame to be honest. We haven’t had any students yet in our class! It’s frustrating because we have an entire curriculum and everything but no students to teach to. But at the same time it’s nice because it means that 1) the students are being good and 2) we get to do fun things like paint our nails or do homework and get paid for it. Needless to say we aren’t complaining that much about it and we know we will get some students eventually.

Yesterday our advisor Aaron came and talked to us about doing some research with some students and their parents and teaching a skills/behavior modification class to them and doing more individual work with the families. We thought it was a great idea so we are going forward with it! I will be doing the research for my practicum and then once I do my capstone course I will do a follow up study with the families I use this year. I am super excited about it! Aaron was telling us that his goal with this study is to hopefully get it published in a journal! How cool would that be?! It doesn’t sound that exciting to some of you but to have a study published in a journal as a junior in college is pretty sweet! And think of how good that would look on a resume. The hard part is getting our theory and everything all sorted out and organized by Friday when we have to submit our idea to the IRB – which is basically this board of people who approve or reject people’s ideas/research ideas. So wish us luck on that!
This week Dakota and I were anxiously waiting for pay day but we really wanted to do something fun so we decided to go through our pantry and make random food. We ended up making chili with rice and cheese haha not exactly an amazing meal but if you put it all together it makes a mean dip! We also found some old graham crackers and things of that sort so we decided to go to the duck pond and feed the ducks since we weren’t going to eat it! It was really fun because instead of wasting a bunch of food we found something fun to do with it and I’m pretty sure the ducks were super excited about the food as well. That same day we also drove out to the Mountain Meadow Massacre sight passed Pine Valley. Dakota has always wanted to go so we drove out and it was really cool! There are two different memorial sights with plaques that explain the history and they are very well kept! The burial sight was this really simple but pretty sight out in the middle of nowhere so it was like finding a hidden treasure! If you ever have a spare couple of hours take the short drive out there it is really cool! After that we went exploring! We found this cute little lake out by the Mountain Meadow Massacre sight and there were so many fun trails! I can’t wait to go back so we can camp and hike and go fishing 🙂 We explored that area for a while and then we headed back into town to go watch a football game at Diamond Ranch Academy.
There was a lot of fun little memories this week too. For example one night I got off work and when I walked out to my car there were roses and my favorite candy sitting on my car! There was also a cute note saying “I love my husband” on my back window haha. I may have teared up a bit. It was so unexpected and cute!! I also got a package in the mail that I have been waiting to receive for three weeks now! A few weeks ago I bought a “Wifey” shirt online and somehow it got sent to our old address so it took much longer than expected to get it forwarded to our new place. I was pretty pumped when I opened the mailbox 🙂 I also got my hair done by the amazing Evan Stowers at Blow Beauty. I have been in need of a good haircut and Evan is my go to guy. This time we just thinned out my hair, gave it some shape, and went for a long bob time look and I LOVE IT!! Seriously it is so simple but fun. Hopefully I can get it colored here shortly.
Sorry for such a long post but I couldn’t leave anything out! If you want to get a day by day update on our adventures check out my instagram 🙂