Last weekend Dakota and I were talking about our friends who are up in Alaska working right now and we decided that Dakota should go up and visit! So Monday morning I drove Dakota up to the Cedar City airport and off he went. He was there until Thursday and I was so jealous that I couldn’t go. I had work and school so he went by himself. It is always funny whenever one of us goes somewhere for a couple days because we turn into these super cute, pathetic, love birds. Anyways! When he got to Alaska he sent me some pictures and I couldn’t believe how beautiful it was! There was so much green everywhere!

I originally wanted Dakota to write this post about his trip but he wasn’t exactly excited about that so instead I am just going to write some of the highlights of his trip.

1. Petting and feeding deer
2. Seeing our friends Dan and Shay and their super adorable baby Sajen
3. Salmon fishing
4. Having a huge seafood potluck
5. Breaking up a fight between two drunk people
6. Getting in trouble with the law when they were throwing rocks in the water (apparently they were titled as ‘salmon molestors’ by throwing rocks into the ocean
7. Seeing numerous whales
8. Going on a boat tour
9. Exploring the small town and all their little stores and galleries
10. Did I mention fishing?

The best part for me was surprising him at the airport. Dakota didn’t get in to Las Vegas until late and I told him that I wouldn’t be able to pick him up so he was going to have to sleep through the night and get a flight to Saint George in the morning. Little did he know I was actually on my way to the airport! I had it all planned out to be waiting for him once he got off and everything but I couldn’t find him! After about 45 minutes I finally called him and told him that I was at the airport. We were only apart for about 4 days but man it probably looked like we hadn’t seen each other in months! We instantly turned into that disgustingly cute couple. Totally worth it 🙂

We are both planning on making another trip up to Alaska next week for one last visit before Dan and Shay move back to Saint George. I am so excited and hope it is a good trip!