Dakota and I spent the last few days in Alaska visiting some friends and I loved it! Dakota went a couple of weeks ago but this trip I got to go with him. We woke up bright and early tuesday morning and when I looked at my phone we only had 15 minutes to get ready! We had to leave by 5:30 to get to the airport in time to do security and everything so you can imagine how those 15 minutes went. We were able to finish packing our bags, get ready, and load up our car with 2 minutes to spare! We got to the airport and were on our way to our next adventure!

Once we got to Seattle I was getting really excited. We were just one flight away from seeing our friends and having fun. However the Alaska airline people were not letting us get on our flight. They were telling me that they had to see employee verification (like my I.D. badge) in order to print our tickets. I explained to them over and over how we had been flying before and all day without anyone even questioning us and there is no where that says we needed to show a badge. I was really frustrated because what if we were just family members reaping the benefits? It made no sense. Long story short we just went to a kiosk and printed them out and then they gave us our seats.

Once we landed in Ketchikan we took a ferry across the ocean and our buddy Dan picked us up. My first impression of the town was, “Holy cow its tiny and dirty.” But we were surrounded by huge trees and totem poles so that was cool. Our first day we just hung out with Shay and the baby and drove around the town. We went out to dinner and had some delicious pasta and then we went for a walk around Creek Street. Creek street is the original settlers town and it was adorable. We also stopped to watch some seals catch some salmon for dinner.

The next day both Dan and Shay didn’t have to work so we got a baby sitter for Sajen and went zip-lining! It was easily one of the scariest and most exciting things I have ever done. The part that was so scary was standing on top of a giant tree and feeling the tree stand move and wiggle as I stood on it. Super sketchy and not so comforting; especially when my friends and guide would purposefully move it and dangle over the edge. Don’t worry though, I clung to that tree trunk with my life! Zip lining was really fun and I am glad we got to go. It was really pretty and the company was fun 🙂 There were a couple of times though when the line was really long and I just barely didn’t make it and had to pull myself to the tree stand. Everyone in our group kept giving me crap for it and on the last zip line they all applauded when I made it without having to pull myself in. They thought they were so funny!

After zip lining we went down Settlers cove to see if we could see any bears since it was low tide. We didn’t see any bears but we did do a little hiking and saw some waterfalls and crazy mushrooms! I wish we would have brought better shoes because I could have hiked all day!

After that we went back to the house to take a nap. Dakota and Dan left us to go shopping and we made some dinner and watched tv. Later Dakota and I went for a walk around the neighborhood and it was nice to just go for a walk and chat. The next day we woke up and headed to the airport. We spent most of our day in the Ketchikan airport because so many people were leaving that there weren’t any extra seats until the 4:00 flight. We did end up making it to Las Vegas though and we thought we were going to have to spend the night there but Dakota’s mom was nice and came and picked us up. We didn’t get home until 4:30 in the morning but I would do it again as long as I got to sleep in my own bed!

Our trip was short but fun and I am excited to be able to cross off “Visit Alaska” from my bucket list. And since this post isn’t long enough, here are some cool things I learned about Ketchikan:
1. There is a tunnel there and it is the only tunnel in the world that you can go through, around, and over.
2. If there are over 100 stairs it is considered a street. For example if you had a house on top of a mountain and you had 101 stairs to climb to reach your house it is considered a street. It has a sign and everything!
3. When the settlers first built their little town there was a lady named Dolly and she had a “playhouse”. She even had her own waiting room for all the men that wanted to “play” with her. The house is now a museum and the workers there dress up like flappers.
4. There are 5 different types of Salmon there
5. There used to be a chief that took care of the village and his house is still standing. The town is not allowed to touch it, restore it, or take it town because the original villagers had a tradition whenever a chief died they just left their house to naturally go down as well.
6. There is a park that is filled with only totem poles!

Thank you Dan and Shay for letting us come visit and for making our trip fun!