Halloween has never been a big holiday for me. I never really decorated or got way into dressing up. One year I even dressed up as a hobo because I didn’t want to spend a lot of money or time on a costume! My mom drove over my clothes and everything haha. This year Dakota and I both had Halloween off so we decided to actually get costumes and not be lame. We decided on being baseball players because 1) It was simple enough and Dakota would actually wear it and 2) If we were going to spend money on costumes we might as well spend the money on something we would wear again. So Angels jerseys it was!

We originally planned to go to our friends house for a party but Dakota got sick the night before so we decided to just stay in, watch movies, and pass out candy. We ended up having a couple of friends comes over and we watched a movie and played games. It was really fun and chill all at the same time which was perfect!
Sadly, no trick or treaters came to our neighborhood so now I have a huge bucket of candy all to myself! I still haven’t decided if its a bad thing or not. But all together I would say it was a pretty successful Halloween.

Some of you may know that I have been working on a huge research study for my degree. After two months of planning and organizing the study has finally been approved and we can start to move forward with actually doing the study! I am so excited to finally get some progress and also really busy with it as well. My research partner, Lisa, and I are hoping to be able to get our study published and we are also submitting our study to a couple of different psychology conferences where we can win money/scholarships. The deadline for the really big well known conference is November 15th so we have been working on all of that which has been crazy. Long story short with my research study, internship at the middle school, college classes, and work I have NO life. But I can still receive phone calls, texts, and snapchats for those who are interested in still being my friend 🙂 Well thats a quick update on us! Happy fall!