Christmas is my absolute favorite holiday! I love all the decorations, music, spirit, and just the overall happiness I feel during the season. This year money has been super tight so instead of buying decorations I decided to make my own. I always spend any spare time I have with my husband but now that he is gone I am going to craft! See below for instructions on my latest crafts! I started with a wreath to hang on my door.
Snowman Wreath
I love snowmen, so I decided to have a snowman wreath! I went to WalMart and bought three different sizes of the woven wreaths, white spray paint, a santa hat, and a wool ball garland. You can also buy a scarf if you don’t want a garland but I thought the garland was too cute to pass up! First I spray painted the wreaths white and then tied them together using fishing wire. Fishing wire was strong enough to handle the wait and gravity and the wreaths and it was clear. Then I put the garland on and my santa hat and I had a snowman!
Total Cost: $15

Merry Christmas Banner
For this craft I bought some large white and red gift tags and some twine. On the red tags I cut out each letter and then glued the red tags to the white tags and then put two hole punches on the top. Then I wove the twine through each tag and finished it off with some bows that I bought at a scrapbook store!
Total Cost: $7

Hanging Snowflakes
My motivation for this craft was all the negative space around our TV. All you need is some red spray paint, popsicle sticks, and red ribbon. First I laid out a snowflake design then I hot glued them the sticks together. Gluing the sticks together was honestly the hardest part! Keeping the design together and moving the sticks so I could glue them was tricky but I would say it worked out well. I only messed up one stick on one of my designs! After I glued them together I spray painted them, tied some ribbon to them and hung them on the wall! It was time consuming but now that empty wall is festive!
Total Cost: $5 (more if you need to buy paint)

Believe Sign
The inside of my house is very festive and even though my front porch has a really cute snowman it still seemed incomplete. I keep seeing cute wooden signs at expos and craft stores but they are so expensive! So I decided that I would make one! I bought three wood planks from Lowe’s and hot glued them together. Make sure that before you buy your planks they line up together. A few of the ones I picked out bowed in a wierd way and didn’t line up well. It took me a while to find three that lined up really well but I did it! I used hot glue to glue my planks together but tacky glue probably would have been easier. I painted the planks white and after it dried I took the letters I cut out and glued them to the planks. Then I spray painted the planks red. After that paint dried I removed the lettering and there I had my own beautiful sign!
Total Cost: $12