In honor of Thanksgiving I wrote down one thing I was grateful for every day of the month.

Day 1: My motivation to see something through until it is done
Day 2: The simplicity of the church. You don’t have to know every story or every principal to believe that their is a Christ
Day 3: Everyone who has helped me with my research project
Day 4: Middle school teachers. I had no idea how much patience and creativity they needed until I started my internship
Day 5: Friends who are honest and dependable
Day 6: Technology and the ability to communicate with anyone I want whenever I want and in more than one way
Day 7: My husband who is silly and doesn’t care one bit what others think
Day 8: How close my sisters and I have got over the years
Day 9: A journal and the freedom to express myself
Day 10: Pictures to reflect back on good memories
Day 11: The many communication skills I have learned through various jobs and relationships
Day 12: Lays sour cream and onion chips
Day 13: A warm fluffy bed that I can snuggle in
Day 14: For strangers who will stick up for me
Day 15: Alberto’s mixed breakfast burrito
Day 16: St George winters
Day 17: My mom who can make anyone feel great
Day 18: Pinterest! My house would not look festive without other peoples creativity
Day 19: Yearbooks. I recently found some old ones from 6th and 7th grade and it was great to look back
Day 20: A husband who is always willing to help me around the house
Day 21: Music. My life would be so empty without it
Day 22: Friends who have stuck with me even when I get busy and don’t make time for them
Day 23: That my husband always calls me sweetheart
Day 24: How close I am with my extended family
Day 25: Those friends you run into after not seeing them for a while and it’s like nothing ever changed
Day 26: Education and the ability to learn whatever I want
Day 27: For a job that lets me travel the world
Day 28: Netflix.
Day 29: Walt Disney and his many creations. Disney movies bring me a lot of happiness
Day 30: The ability to drive. Driving always helps me clear my mind and gives me the opportunity to appreciate all the beauty that surrounds me every day.