Traditions can be a fun way to make memories and creates excitement for years to come. Traditions can be as big or small as you want them to be but what makes them so great is that you share traditions with those you love the most. Thanksgiving and Christmas seems to be when most families have traditions and we are no different. Some of my favorite traditions Dakota and I do include reflecting on the past year over hot cocoa and talking about our favorite memories and telling each other one reason why we love each other every night before we go to sleep.

We have more and there are many traditions other families have so I compiled a list of fun traditions you can start!

Holiday Traditions

  • Give your spouse and/or children a theme gift every year for Christmas. For example I give Dakota a baseball themed gift every year with a list of reasons why I love him that I start making on January 1st of that year.
  • Get hot cocoa and go look at Christmas lights.
  • Set up your Christmas tree the day after Christmas and have a sleep over next to it.
  • Have your own Turkey Trot. One year during Thanksgiving my moms side of the family all went to the park and the dads had a race with their kids. We set up a route and everything and the deal was that if the kid one the race they got to pick out something on Black Friday!
  • Think blessings and/or memories for every light on your Christmas tree. Easy way to waste hours and reminisce on how blessed you are.
  • Make homemade donuts or pizza for Halloween. My family went out for pizza every Halloween at the same restaurant until it closed but we still get pizza every Halloween.
  • Make Gingerbread houses. My family pairs off each year and we spend hours making gingerbread houses! Then we post the photos online and whoever gets the most “likes” wins.
  • Make Christmas cards and send them to inmates, elderly, or military members. While we are all scouring and planning our festivities some people get forgotten. Some people in nursing homes may not have family and inmates may not be thought about. Sending a simple card can make a big difference.
  • $5 Christmas. Some of you have heard of the $5 savings plan where anytime you receive a $5 bill you put it away somewhere secret and just save it. Instead of saving that money for yourself, take that money you have saved over the year and give it to a family or charity in need on Christmas.

Nontraditional Traditions

  • Tell each other one thing you love about them or your relationship every night before you go to sleep. Dakota and I started doing this a while back and it has been really sweet. Its really easy to come up with one thing and you always go to bed feeling loved.
  • Listen to old school music and clean together. It seems silly but it actually is really fun! Dakota and I will have days where we deep clean the house and you can’t clean without music so why not turn on some 90’s classics?
  • Get in the car and get lost. When we were dating, we would go for a drive probably once a week and whoever was in the passenger seat had to lay all the way back and give directions to the driver until they said stop. It was a fun way to explore and build trust.
  • Pick a TV series on Netflix or Hulu and watch it together. This seems obvious but if you only watch it together you both get invested and look forward to your time together. We would pick a documentary theme on Sundays and only watch those. Once you’re done pick a new series!
  • Make Sunday dinner together. Every Sunday come up with a new recipe to try and make it together. This can be a fun way to work together and then reap the benefits by eating a delicious meal!
  • Go for drink run. Dakota always has this sweet way of bringing me back a drink or my favorite treat anytime he goes to a gas station and he knows I will be home. It’s something so random but I always know that it is coming.
  • Cop Watch. When we were dating we used to get drinks and go on top of this hill that overlooked the whole city to see how many cops we could find with their lights on and come up with different scenarios for why they had their lights on. Later we got engaged in that same spot and now each year we “cop watch”.
  • Recreate your first date. Ours was glow in the dark mini golf!

What are some of your favorite traditions?